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January 29th
10:09 AM

Monsters Inc. Theory

If you have seen Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc.’ you will notice a common ideal throughout the movie. All the monsters believe human children to be toxic. So much so that even a single touch could kill them.

I don’t think saying this will spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it so…

You come to find out that James Sullivan, the rather large blue and purple fuzzy monster, is able to be touched a the human child (whom he later dubs ‘Boo’) and does not suffer any sideaffects, death included. Thus revealing that human children are in fact not toxic.

So this made me ask myself: how did they ever come up with the thought that touching a human child would kill them?

I believe I’ve come up with an answer. And rather than explaining it at great length, I’ll just let you read what I have come up with what I believe to be part of the ‘local lore’ to Monstropolis:

'If ever a monster were to let the handoff a child fall uppon them, a monster they would no longer be. Their howls would fade and shriek no more. Their hearts would expand ten fold and melt in an instant. And for every monster taken more children will appear, until there will be no more monsters.'

Pretty scary, huh? Well.. Not so fast. What if it really meant that the touch of a child would no longer make them a monster in the sense that… They would no longer be scary, or mean or evil. What if it meant that a child ‘touching you’ meant ‘touching your heart’?

It makes sense to me. And it’s nice to think that the monsters weren’t that great at interpritation. :)