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April 11th
1:53 PM

Thank you #CBJ, for a first great year of hockey.

This took me a bit longer to write than I really wanted to. Maybe I’m just stalling because I really don’t want it to be the end of the season. I’m actually pretty new to hockey. My first game was October of this year but I’ve been addicted ever since then. I never thought I would like hockey. In fact, I disliked it entirely for most of my life. I could never see where the puck was, the game moved so fast I never had any idea what was going on and everyone always seemed so angry.

As a kid, I hated angry people. And I had a right to. Lets not go there though. I always avoided violent sports if I could. I was a tom boy, yes, but things like boxing and hockey just never interested me because of the fighting. Now that I’m a bit older I can accept it a bit more. I even find myself yelling at the refs now when they break up an isolated fight. 

I went to my first hockey game not expecting much but they were free tickets for lower bowl. Not many people would say no. So, I went and I’m gonna have to say I was pretty spoiled. Since it was an exhibition game a lot of the players were aggressive, fighting for a spot. And Minnesota Wild was more than happy to come right back at the jackets with tons of spunk too. 

There were 5+ fights, most of which lasted for long periods of time. I learned how to follow the puck with my eyes, which is a skill easily gained once you are at a live game rather than trying to watch it on T.V. And to top it all off, they won. And they have won 6/8 games that I have gone to. That’s a pretty good record if you ask me. 

I’ve made some amazing friends on Twitter because of The BlueJackets too. Most of us live tweet about the games and talk to some of the sports writers who have blogs. I’ve also stirred up a lot of drama in the CBJ fan world. All part of the system though, right?

This year has meant so much to me. I’ve always been kind of a social outcast in the things that I like. I’m a dork, lets just put it that way. So it was nice to find something that I like that has people that are amazing and surprisingly share a lot of those ‘outcast’ interests of mine. I’ve never felt that I didn’t fit in or that I wasn’t wanted. My opinions were taken seriously, even if sometimes I didn’t fully understand what it was I was talking about. I’m learning though. Gradually I’m picking up as much as I can about the sport and all the behind the scenes things about it. 

I want to learn the history, I want to learn the little things, and now more than ever I want to learn to ice skate. I almost wish my mom had put me on a girls hockey team! That never would have happened though. My mom would never want her pretty little girl getting banged up on the ice. :)

And from this, I have found an outlet for my Photography. Who knew sports photography could be so much fun?!

To sum it all up, I owe a lot to the BlueJackets. They have given me great friends, inspiration in reason to write again, something to look forward on otherwise boring winter nights and a major group to be a part of. Thanks BlueJackets. 

And a specially huge thanks to my husband Josh. Because without him I would have never gone to that first game. Without him being supportive enough to continue to go to games and feed my new hockey addiction, I wouldn’t be here. I love you honey. You’re the greatest. :)